About Yoga Lotus

To acquire "living" power

Every day, we sit, stand, walk, sleep, breathe, feel and think. However, we have not learned how to properly maintain our body's well-being.

What do we live for?

We eat, work and love each other. Your own body and mind are important assets. However, we do not know much about them.

Are your body and mind connected?

Do you feel your body is heavy and hurts? Is your mind unclear and confused? If you are pretending not to see the habit of your body and mind, toxins will surely accumulate. Purify your body and mind with yoga practice.

Find the value of your own health then invest!

Shoulder hurts, lower back hurts, the mind is heavy. Then in 5 or 10 years, is it better than now?
Let's nourish the strength to live and suppleness now.
There is nothing to worry about to start if you have a strong feeling that you really want to become healthy, even if your body hardness, sex, age, nationality.

When you think "Let's try", it's time to start!

Our teachers continually learn "classical yoga" that inherits the history of 5000 years. You can experience something different than at other studios.

Continual practice makes you stronger.

In Yoga Lotus, you can choose your class from three types: Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga Flow.
"Hatha Yoga" is for people who want to improve the health of the body and mind, and have time for dialogue with themselves while learning the basics of yoga.
"Therapy" is for people who want to remove disorders, such as stiff shoulders and backaches.
"Flow" is for people who want to be full of energy and improve concentration.


How could your life improve without back pain and stiff shoulders? What about if you had clear vision?
If you have the feeling that your body and mind are connected, you can live proactively whether it's the best time in your life or not.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is now the most widely known yoga in the world. Ha means the sun, Tha means the moon. "Hatha" means power. In addition, Yoga means to connect. Therefore, we will learn how to connect two things and see the duality as one.
Yoga practice is a technical act of working on three elements that body, mind, and spirit. We will purify our body and mind by training such as sun salutation, asana, pranayama, mudra, kriya.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga Flow
Hatha Yoga Therapy
Hatha Yoga Basic

Hatha Yoga」teaches the foundations of yoga including a lecture and asanas.

Hatha Yoga Flow」teaches moving with the flow of consecutive asanas and concentrates on the inside.

Hatha Yoga Therapy」eases our mind and body problems such as stiff shoulders and backache.

Hatha Yoga Basic」is the basic and the most important thing in yoga practice.

Morning Yoga
Sun salutation
Spine Adjustment
Private lesson

Morning Yoga」is best done in the morning.

Sun salutaion」tunes up your spine with 12 poses. The way of mastering Sun Salutation!

Spine Adjustment」is that we will improve our mind and body problems such as stiff shoulders, backache.

Private Lesson」what you need the most and it also relieves body pain.

There are various people who come to our studio, both women and men regardless of age or nationality.
You can spend your time peacefully with your teachers and friends who train yoga fun and with a sincere attitude.

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We are closing down on the 22nd of Feb. Thank you for your love for Yoga lotus for the last 5 years.

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